Reducing environmental impact of mining activities
Improving Producers’ Financial Bottom Line
Creating value for shareholders

Financial Information

CSE, Canadian Securities Exchange SX
FSE, Frankfurt Stock Exchange 85G1
Registrar and Transfer Agent Computershare Investor Services Inc.
Banking National Bank of Canada, Montreal
Legal Counsel McMillan S.E.N.C.R.L., s.r.l
Auditors  Dale, Matheson, Carr-Hilton, Labonte LLP

Capital structure:

Shares outstanding: 59,839,045
Options to management and consultants
650,000 At the price of $0.20
1st rank Convertible debenture  Issued in 2013, Annual capitalized rate 6%
$203,000 Floor conversion price of $0.10, Maturity: July 2, 2023
 Subodinated Convertible debenture


Issued in March 2017. Annual capitalized rate 6%

Floor conversion of $.10, Maturity: December 31, 2026

7,934,578 $0.30-Expiration: February,19 2018
 7,250,000  $0.04 Special Warrants,expire September 7, 2018

$0.06 Subordinated Warrants, Expire Sept 7, 2018