Focused on Iceland Gold & Energy Metals Exploration while developing

extraction technologies that are reducing environmental impact of mining activities

St-Georges was founded as a private company almost 10 years ago with two main goals:

  • Acquire and develop disruptive nickel extraction technologies
  • Acquire and develop large nickel assets


During its years as a private company and after going public with an RTO in 2009, St-Georges entered into two binding LOI for technology farm-in agreements which did not meet the management’s requirement to be disruptive after full due diligence and review process.

In mid-2014, St-Georges initiated discussions with Gary Johnson and Strategic Metallurgy Pty Ltd which has the expertise, as well as a portfolio of know-how, to meet the company’s goals. The relationship between the 2 entities was cemented in 2015 with the initial signature of a binding Memorandum of Understanding and the start of the initial planning and proof-of-concept stages of work.  St-Georges concurrently recruited Enrico Di Cesare, with whom several of the Company’s directors worked with in 701Mining and Argex Titanium. Through this partnership St-Georges aims at developing and providing disruptive eco-mining processing solutions.

Our business model is simple: We are developing metal processing technologies which can be deployed to radically change the environmental impact of mining operations around the world, while improving the profitability and the financial bottom line of current base metals producers.